Our Roots

Sr. Yvette Bellerose & Lori Pandiscio

One day in the fall of 2012, Lori Pandiscio and Sister Yvette Bellerose, SSA, were talking about aspects of spiritual living. They focused on a desire for faith sharing with other women, a way to live community with other women, especially with women in ministry or somehow in service to others.  As they were brainstorming these ideas, they felt a call to create a place where women could experience “the more” to which Ignatian spirituality refers. How to follow this desire and call led them to imagine bringing women together in Gatherings for Women of Faith.  The initial gathering, a lectio divina experience to “come and see,” took place in February, 2013. The second half of this first gathering was a reflective brainstorming and heart-storming exercise to hear what these first 30 participants would like to live in future gatherings. This sharing time was a midwifing moment and Women of Faith was born.

Gatherings for Women of Faith, founded in February 2013, is a ministry of the Sisters of St. Anne which sponsors mornings or evenings of reflection and retreats for women who minister in the Church, are in some way in service to others, and/or are seeking to deepen their relationship with God. At each gathering, some aspect of a spiritual life topic is presented and a prayer experience is facilitated for women who are seeking to know a deeper prayer life.