Resources: June 2020~Father’s Day


downloadable PDF:  Women of Faith Resources June 2020

June Quotes

from 2020: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Amy Welborn

“What a challenge it is to discern what a Jesus-rooted, loving response to a situation is … Discernment … is always about two words: Let go. Let go of pride … fear … possessions … the need of control. Just let go.”  (p. 198)

“[We just celebrated Pentecost at the end of May.] “… the same Spirit of God is offered to us, the spirit that brings us to our knees in the presence of the Lord and brings us to our feet in the presence of worldly powers, strengthened to speak the truth and testify to the power of God’s love.”  (p. 201)

“I don’t have to save the world or fix all the problems. I am just called to love the person in front of me, let Jesus in a bit more, and not be afraid.”  (p.213)

Father’s Day

This year, Father’s Day is celebrated on June 21st. What does Father’s Day mean to me, to you, at this point in our lives? Yes, it IS a day to honor and acknowledge fathers, grandfathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, male friends – all father figures we know. This might include mothers who were also fathers to their children.

Might we consider including our Father, God, in our thoughts, prayers, and love today. Every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer we begin: “Our Father who art in Heaven.” God, the Father, may have been presented to us as an old man with a white beard. That is how artists have often portrayed God.  But, if you were to draw or paint a representation of God, our Father, what would He look like? With what symbols might you surround Him to represent His presence in your life, His presence in your world today? Let us spend some prayer time today not only in sending thanks to our human fathers, but also to spend time with our Heavenly Father, God. You may be inspired by moments when Jesus spoke to His Father, in conversations with God or references about God found in Scriptures. Some examples are: Matthew 6:26, Matthew 12:18, Luke 10:22, Luke 12:29-31, John 3:35, John 5:20, John 12:49, Acts 17:24-28, 1 Corinthians 8:6 Galatians 4:5-7.

Some Practices for Father’s Day 2020, in this time of quarantine or of staying at home more than not:

Have an indoor or backyard picnic: Rearrange the furniture in your living room to create an outdoor picnic, indoors! Include Dad’s favorite lunchtime goodies and snacks.
Fly a kite in your backyard: Buy a kite online or make your own. Pick a time when the wind is high then go into your backyard to make everlasting memories that will last for a lifetime!
Go bird watching: Lay out a blanket in your backyard and grab your binoculars for a peaceful, nature-filled day. Make a list of how many different kinds of birds you see and guess if you can identify them.
Go on a bike ride: Despite the nationwide mandated quarantine, bike rides around the neighborhood are still allowed. Dust off the bikes and ride around the park to make Dad feel special.
Grace before meals: Compose a special prayer before meals for Father’s Day, or simply offer spontaneous intentions.
Watch a virtual concert: If Dad’s favorite music festivals are canceled, fire up YouTube and search if his favorite band has a virtual concert.
Make paper airplanes: Have Dad teach the little ones how to make paper airplanes. Once they get the hang of it, have a competition in your backyard to see whose airplane can fly the furthest!
Take a virtual field trip to National Parks: With gorgeous national parks like Yellowstone and Wupatki National Monument closed for the foreseeable future, a Father’s Day road trip may be out of the question. Instead, head to Google Earth to experience them in all their glory—virtually, that is!
Stargaze: Wait until the sun sets and lay out a blanket in the backyard. Grab a telescope or use the Star Walk app on your phone to point out constellations.
Gather loved ones on FaceTime or Zoom: During this time of uncertainty, being with loved ones (even virtually) is important. Privately message Dad’s family, friends, and loved ones, and surprise him with a Zoom meeting or FaceTime call.

Music for Father’s Day

The music for Father’s Day of this season is joyful and filled with hope. Find some of your favorite music for this season, spiritual or religious music and secular music. Here are some possible options:

Christian Father’s Day Songs: This is a playlist of six (6) Christian Songs for Father’s Day.

Positive Morning JAZZ – Fresh Coffee Jazz For Wake Up & Start The Day: This Jazz music is best suited as background music for wake up time, cooking or dinner music. It is comforting music that can help you relax.

Father’s Day Groupmuse: Violin Pieces from Films, Anime, and Classical Music! This will be a live concert, featuring classical and film music scheduled for June 21, 2020. This is a livestream performance, scheduled for 8 p.m. EDT and requires registration.

Art for Father’s Day


As you pray with this artwork, what floods your heart and mind. Stay with the reflections that are welling up from within you. Connect to these reflections as they may be offering meaningful memories or desires for a childhood you could not and did not enjoy. The child within you is still alive.



This painting is soft and gentle. As you reflect, it also may favor a graced moment of times remembered or times your children now live with their Dad. Let the image guide your entry into your own dreams or memories and into a graced reflection.


Our Father Who Art in Heaven is at once art and liturgical dance. It was posted on YouTube on March 5, 2013, by bene osb. The song is Millennium Prayer from the Album, Royal Variety, 04.12.99. The artist is Cliff Richard.

Websites for Father’s Day

The National Center for Fathering (NCF) is a nonprofit organization created in 1990. This site offers resources, educational articles, “do it yourself” Dad training, and appreciation from people who have benefited from the center’s services.

Father’s Day 2020: Celebrate Father’s Day with Summer Activities, Recipes, and More by the editors of The Farmer’s Almanac. The title indicates what we can explore on this site.

Top 100 Father Blogs & Websites For Dads To Follow in 2020 Here you will find helpful and supportive blogs from fathers in several cities in the USA and in other countries.



We stand together near or from afar. We are still masked, or quarantined. Gathered here, online, as Women of Faith, we continue to celebrate all health care workers and we pray for all persons who have died from the coronavirus.