Resources: May 2020~Spring 2020

Spring 2020

downloadable PDF: Women of Faith Resources May 2020

We are living through an unprecedented spring. The coronavirus is changing our lives right now and probably will be a life changing event for many of us, if not, for all of us. We will have viewed umpteen programs, updates, and newscasts advising us how to live through this time. While walking outside with friends I heard a woman exclaim: “Oh, look, the masketeers.” Yes, we have cloned a word and we shall ever remember our masks.

But will we? Will we remember the quarantines, the hospitalizations, the deaths, and the ongoing anxiety and fears that this virus is causing? When this is over and gone (if ever), will we resume life as it was or will we have taken on the healthier practices that this virus has taught us to live? Will we continue to do without the things we really do not need?

Will we remember the Easter Season and daily Masses celebrated via TV or internet sites? Will we continue to pray as we may have never prayed before? Will we still communicate daily with family members and friends?

Take a moment to ponder on what you have learned during this time. Remember the people you know who have died. Consider how our earth has counseled us on how to live. Ask your body, mind, and spirit to so embody this time that you will never forget it. May we pray with the losses and pray with the graces of this. time.

Some Practices for Spring 2020

• Read the article Praying the Psalms in a Pandemic.

• Pray a psalm daily and replace some words so that the psalm fits your life. Some suggestions of psalms: 8, 24, 32, 55, 61, 107 …

• Compose your own psalm, your experience of this pandemic time that may span more than one season. Save it in your journal.

• Take time to listen to the birds and to admire the flowering trees, the jonquils, daffodils, tulips, and other spring flowers.

• Open your windows wide to receive the morning breeze; open your mind and heart to receive the graces awaiting you each day.

• Do early a.m. food shopping and notice the restocked fruits and vegetables in a way that you have not looked at them before now. Thank the shelf-stockers.

• Read the article Navigating the Emotions of a Pandemic.

• Read 125 ideas to keep kids entertained during the coronavirus season.

Music for the Spring Season

It is a blessing to be living these days during the Season of Spring. The music of this season is joyful and filled with hope. Find some of your favorite music for this season, spiritual or religious music and secular music. Here are some possible options:

Peaceful Music, Relaxing Music, Instrumental Music, “A Thought of Spring” by Tim Janis, Andre Rieu and others. Listen to the music and view early signs of spring.

Spring Classical Music, pinned by Halidon Music in March 2018.

Spring Harvest, All Tracks.

1 Hour of Kids Praise Music, One hour of kids praise music from Hillsong Kids! From every album going back to 2003.

Art for the Spring Season

What are your memories of fields of flowers? Spend some time enjoying these memories and let them nurture your heart and soul.

Birds sing to one another, talk to one another, feed one another, and spend time with one another. If you can, go outside and, as you watch the birds, meditate on how they spend their lives together and how they offer you moments of pleasure and rejoicing.


Face-masks: They can be seen in all colors, all sizes, all materials – These match our spring theme. Reflect on face-masks, masking, hiding, protecting – spiritually-speaking, what might a face-mask mean?

Websites for this Season of Spring and the Coronavirus

This may be a spring like none other. Other folks are reflecting on this, too. Go to:

6 Spiritual Seasons of Life (and How to Flourish in Them) by Courtnaye Richard –

Coronavirus Response Examen and Lesson by dotMagis Editor

The Coronavirus: What Would Jesus Do? By Scott Ventrella

Prayers for Spring from Faith and Worship

Free resources for use in light of the coronavirus pandemic from the Archdiocesse of Milwaukee

Videos on Spring

Videos on Spring are delightful. We turn away from the coronavirus a bit for wondrous enjoyment

Spring – The time of nature’s rebirth

Blooming Flowers 4K Time Lapse Video with Gentle Rain Sounds

Spring – The Return of Life – The Secrets of Nature

Spring – the most spectacular change of seasons


We stand together near or from afar. We are still masked, or quarantined. And, gathering here online as Women of Faith, we celebrate our HEROES.