Resources: December 2020~Advent

December Quotes

taken from Ministry of the Arts 2020 Calendar

“God is everything that is good and the goodness that everything possesses is God.”  Julian of Norwich

“What happens to another, whether it be a joy or a sorrow, happens to me.”  Meister Eckhart

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Resources: November 2020~Thanksgiving

November Quotes

Taken from Ministry of the Arts 2020 Calendar

“We are profoundly united with every creature.” Pope Francis in Laudate Si

“Your only weapons: your voice, your pen, your vote.” Frederick Douglas

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Resources: October 2020~Autumn

downloadable PDF:  Women of Faith Resources October 2020

October Quotes

Taken from 2020: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Amy Welborn

“Jesus teaches us … just present our needs to him, confidently – without fear.” (p. 312)

I must “tie my sense of self to the rock of God’s love for me, not what my flawed and weak body tells me.”  (p. 319)

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Resources: September 2020~Angels

September Quotes

Taken from 2020: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Amy Welborn

“What will those who meet us today learn about the love of Jesus from our words and actions?” (p. 276)

“If there’s any reason I need other people in my life, it’s to offer perspective.”  (p. 284)

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Resources: August 2020~International Left Handers Day


August Quotes

taken from 2020: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Amy Welborn

“Jesus teaches us to reach out, to love boldly, to sacrifice, and to be light and salt for the earth. He also teaches us to let go.”  (p. 248)

“The Lord lives. He is present. He guides and comforts. In the face of loss and limitations, questions and worry, hold on and listen to the promise.”   (p. 252)

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Resources: July 2020~World Friendship Day

July Quotes

taken from 2020:  A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Amy Welborn

“There are no rules for outreach, only discernment. We must continually be open to be led by Jesus to share his love in the places and times and ways He may lead us.”  (p. 221)

“Life still courses with mystery, and we still look into the night and keep vigil in the dawn, wondering, musing, and seeking answers.”  (p. 229)

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Resources: June 2020~Father’s Day

June Quotes

from 2020: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Amy Welborn

“What a challenge it is to discern what a Jesus-rooted, loving response to a situation is … Discernment … is always about two words: Let go. Let go of pride … fear … possessions … the need of control. Just let go.”  (p. 198)

“[We just celebrated Pentecost at the end of May.] “… the same Spirit of God is offered to us, the spirit that brings us to our knees in the presence of the Lord and brings us to our feet in the presence of worldly powers, strengthened to speak the truth and testify to the power of God’s love.”  (p. 201)

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Resources: May 2020~Spring 2020

Spring 2020

We are living through an unprecedented spring. The coronavirus is changing our lives right now and probably will be a life changing event for many of us, if not, for all of us. We will have viewed umpteen programs, updates, and newscasts advising us how to live through this time. While walking outside with friends I heard a woman exclaim: “Oh, look, the masketeers.” Yes, we have cloned a word and we shall ever remember our masks.

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Special Resource: Easter Season 2020

The Easter Season this Year

The 2020 Easter Season spans the weeks from Easter Sunday on April 12, 2020 to the Feast of Pentecost May 31, 2020. The Sunday accounts from the Gospel of John are filled with wonder and grace, with images and the language of poetry. But, the words of Jesus are heartfelt, strong, and invitations to draw closer to Him, to implore his merciful love, and to follow his commands as faithfully as grace leads us to so do.

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Special Resource: Holy Days April 9-11, 2020


Since we all are quarantined, I decided to provide spiritual resources for the Holy Days. I trust the enclosed suggestions and comments will unite us during this communal time of “Christian High Holy Days” at a moment in history when we cannot be physically together to celebrate them. I also hope that anyone consulting these pages and praying with us is well and will stay well during this coronavirus epidemic.

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