Special Resource: March 2020~During a Pandemic


downloadable PDF:  Women of Faith Resources 2020 Pandemic

Pandemic Quotes

“After all, it really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic.” ~ Margaret Chan

“A united humanity will be able to confront the many troubling problems of the present time: from the menace of terrorism to the humiliating poverty in which millions of human beings live, from the proliferation of weapons to the pandemics and the environmental destruction which threatens the future of our planet.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI

“Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, and disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” ~ Daryn Kagan

Reflection On Pandemics

Did you ever think we would find ourselves in a time of pandemic worry and or fear? Most of us have lived through outbreaks of contagious illnesses before, but perhaps not as serious as this one, or not as widespread as this one. Do you remember living through a time of a worldwide spread illness? Do you have relatives who died from a contagious illness?

The coronavirus can be fierce. But we can be savvy and safe if we are careful and live out this time with knowledge and common sense practices as found below.

We also can pray for all adults and children the world over who are in areas where the virus is prevalent and spreading rapidly. In addition, let us pray and/or send good energy to health care workers who are exposing themselves to the virus every minute that they are at work. Let us pray, too, for the doctors and scientists who are searching for the best remedies, medicines, and curative components to weed out the virus. Let us be attentive, too, to our neighbors who may need help that we can safely offer during the presence of this pandemic among us.

Communication with our relatives, friends, and neighbors is essential in a time like this. Phone calls, emails, video-conferencing, and “snail mail” greetings can go a long way right now.

Together, we can and will get through this coronavirus but may remember its effects for a very long time, if not forever.

Some Pandemic Practices

  • Short circuiting denial: “I will not get the coronavirus. This will never happen to me.” Face the probabilities and turn them to your favor through actions you can take.
  • Think and plan ahead as best you can, do all you can do so you won’t get sick, and stop worrying.
  • Stay flexible and innovate. Use ingenuity by working from home.
  • Find ways to avoid social isolation by continuing to engage with others in ways that will keep everyone healthy.
  •  Order groceries from Instacart and have them delivered to your door.
  •  As much as possible, observe the “6 feet away” from people policy, especially if they have virus symptoms.
  •  Learn more about the symptoms of the coronavirus: fever, shortness of breath, and cough.
  •  Wash your hands often and/or use an alcohol based sanitizer.
  •  Avoid touching your face – mouth, nose, and eyes. (Easier said than done!)
  •  Clean and disinfect countertops and frequently touched objects like phones and computers.

For other ideas and information, see:

Questions and answers on the coronavirus at WebMD

This site brings together information from the United Nations and the World Health Organization

Ways to avoid the coronavirus if you have to leave your house

For spiritual reading focusing on pandemics

Spiritual Practices for the Coronavirus Pandemic, by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat. This article will help to calm fear and uncertainty when faced with possible exposure to the coronavirus. It underlines preventive measures, social distancing, and quarantine. The authors highlight being present to illness and the need to sustain hope.

Would Your Church Survive A Pandemic – The Practical Stuff, by Blessing Mpofu in ChurchMag, February 17, 2020. The author speaks to how we are Church and how we experience Church as basic to how we would live through a pandemic and a reality of no gatherings.

Church Life Through A Pandemic – Other Stuff, by Blessing Mpofu in ChurchMag, February 26, 2020. This second article by Mpofu considers how to continue spiritual formation and discipleship during a pandemic.

Lectio Divina:  Scripture and prayer for meditating

Read the following selections a first time.  What word or words call out to you?  Read the selection a second time.  Ask the words or words calling to you:  “What is it you want to say to me today?”  Notice which quote(s) make your heart skip a beat.

Pray and Meditate on the concept of illness and healing in Scripture:

  • Matthew 14:13-21 Jesus feeds the five thousand.
  • Mark 16:14-18 Jesus commissions the disciples.
  • 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 Paul’s thanksgiving after affliction

Or pray with any other stories of Jesus healing and relieving people of diseases and ailments.

Call upon Patron Saints

• St. Quirinus of Neuss – Patron for those affected by bubonic plague and smallpox
St. Anthony the Great – Patron of those affected by infectious diseases Go to:
Edwin the Martyr (St. Edmund) – Patron for victims of pandemics Go to:
St. Matthias – Patron saint of those with smallpox

Prayers for a Time of Pandemics

Pray the Rosary with Pope Francis for an end to the coronavirus.

Praying with others throughout the world for an end to the coronavirus:

Prayers at the Western Wall for an end to the virus outbreak
• China: May all the Buddhas hear my prayer
Pope Francis livestreams Sunday prayers due to coronavirus 
Corona Virus Prayer Credit to Kerry Weber an executive editor for America for this Prayer.
A Coronavirus Prayer for Healthcare Workers provided by EWTN
Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, the Chilkur Balaji temple in Hyderabad, India for the second time, held special prayers to protect people from the deadly virus.

Audio Divina:  Music accompanied by images

These selections may draw us into visioning and reflection during outbreak of the coronavirus. They can touch our hearts and penetrate our ways of being.

Healing Of Coronavirus | Music For Prayer And Divine Healing: Instrumental Worship and prayer music is created for worship, prayer, and rest. The theme of these Instrumentals is centered on known worship songs.

Here is Calming music during #pandemic #coronavirus: Music for Stress Relief – For adults and children. These piano selections are soothing and calming.

This gentle, heartfelt ballad, entitled “Together” is sung by musicians from 19 countries. This song is dedicated to all fighting against the coronavirus.

Visio Divina: Art for Prayer and Meditation

“Visual images are another doorway to sacred awareness. They can touch into our desire to grow in intimacy with God. So, we encourage one another to let ourselves be touched by the colors, shapes, figures and symbols that capture our attention most as we are praying. While gazing at an image ~ a painting, a photo, an icon, a sculpture, a piece of pottery … something may leap out at us, calling our attention to something of God just waiting to reveal itself to us.”

(Ideas inspired by Christine Valters Paintner and Betsey Beckman in their book, Awakening the Creative Spirit: Bringing the Arts to Spiritual Direction.  See also Abbey of the Arts.)

Here are images connected to the coronavirus. Pray with them to see what they say to you today.



Of course, we all must protect ourselves from exposure to the coronavirus. But, what goes through your heart as you reflect on our children?



We may feel called to pray to angels for protection. What am I saying to my angel(s) as I hope and pray that I, my friends, and my loved ones will not to catch the coronavirus?



MERS-COV (mers-coronavirus) under a microscope … pray and wonder about what you see under a microscope.

Internet Site

Want to help others during this time? Here’s how you can help people who’ve lost jobs or housing in the wake of the coronavirus



Many blessings on each of us as, together, we pray and seek to understand the coronavirus and act to protect others and ourselves from it.
From the Leadership Team of Gatherings for Women of Faith