Who We Are

Women of Faith is a group of women who come together in search of the “more” in spiritual living.  We, women of all ages, seek a deeper relationship with God to better share that love in service to others. In our gatherings, we experience God’s grace alive through safe, genuine interactions, deep prayer and conversations.

We have found our way to Women of Faith through notices in our church bulletins, newspapers, spiritual directors and friends. We come because we want…

  • To share spiritually with other women
  • To experience the coming together of heart, mind and soul
  • To set aside time for meaningful prayer experiences
  • To learn, clarify and share our growth with others.
  • To witness others’ growth and breakthroughs
  • To learn about new resources
  • To bring others to the gatherings so they, too, may experience God and growth

Women of Faith is a Ministry of the Sisters of St. Anne.